Induction Melting Furnaces

Induction Melting Furnaces Manufacturer ,Supplier in India

The chief principle of induction melting is that an electrical source with high voltage from a primary coil having low voltage and has high current in the metal. The simple method of transferring heat energy is known as induction heating. For melting mostly all types of metals with minimum loss of metal, the induction melting furnaces are an ideal choice. Slight refining of the metal can be done. There are types of induction melting furnace available.

We offer an excellent range of induction melting furnaces. The product engineering of the induction furnace is done with the latest technologies. Our ranges of induction furnace are induction holding furnace, induction melting furnaces in different sizes, and dual track melting furnaces.

The features of the induction furnace

  • energy-efficient
  • Well-controllable melting process compared to other metal melting.
  • Automatic Maximum Power control.
  • Melt or Hold in Dual track Furnaces at the same time.
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation.