Snubber Resistor water cooled resistor

Snubber Resistor water cooled resistor Manufacturer

The power switches are the most important part of every power converter. Thus, they are heart of power converter. Their operation will directly conclude the reliability and competence of the product. To improve the performance of the switching circuit of power converters, when a switch opens, snubbers are sited across the power switches to suppress voltage and moist the ringing caused by circuit inductance. Precise design of the snubber can outcome in higher reliability, higher efficiency. There are various types of furnace selector switch available, also snubber diode snubber capacitor, and the snubber resistor water cooled resistor. We are the manufacturer of these resistors in Ahmedabad. We also offer supply services for this resistors in India. We provide premium quality of products made with pure materials and hi-tech improved techniques.

Features Of Snubber Resistor Water Cooled Resistor

  • High power Dissipation
  • Easy to mount and connect
  • Compact modular designs
  • High Overload capacity
  • Direct Cooling