Induction Power manufacturer

Abhay Induction Tech Pvt. Ltd. has been a chief part of the induction industry since 2000. We have manufactured a tremendous range of induction furnaces, induction power supplies, induction and melting equipments.

We are a part of Aussietherm India, in Australia (MIT). We are passionately having interest primarily in manufacturing of induction equipments. With the innovation in the induction manufacturing industry, timely implementation and leadership we aspire to bring a lot of revolutions and regular technical and mechanical up gradation into this field with the continuous research & development. We use high grade quality components in manufacturing of our products to offer maximum value to our customers.

Induction power, also known as wireless power transfer, is a technology that allows electrical energy to be transferred wirelessly from one device to another using an electromagnetic field. The technology works by inducing an electrical current in a receiving device through a magnetic field generated by a transmitting device.

Induction Power Suppliers & Exporters

Abhay Induction is a leader in building entirely integrated induction heating equipments, power supplies, material handling equipment, induction heating coils, and induction melting equipments for heat treating applications. Our machines are capable of constructing induction furnaces up to 100 Tons. To deliver precise induction heating systems, energy efficient operations and quality manufacturing we inspect the materials at each phase of the manufacturing process. The application of Induction power systems are aerospace, automotive industry, for heavy machinery, construction, technology and medical industries. Our induction power supplies provide superior manufacturing quality, timey delivery, and amazing technical services and support. We manufacture a wide range of induction furnaces, induction furnace automation and other induction equipments for different applications. We manufacture multi melting induction furnace system. We are growing fast as we built the products using innovative technology, uncompromising quality, and dedicated customer service.

Induction Furnaces Supplier

Abhay induction was established in 2000, manufactures a wide range of INDUCTION MELTING and HEATING FURNACES using improved and latest techniques. Having a strong customer base, we have supplied massive range of INDUCTION FURNACES in all parts of India. To achieve customer requirements, we are engaged in manufacturing induction furnaces in Ahmedabad and exporting a wide range of induction furnaces all over India.

We are engaged into manufacturing various types of furnaces according to its applications. We manufacture Induction furnaces for heating & melting, Dual Track Induction Furnace, Steel Shelf Furnace, induction holding furnace, inverters & rectifiers, water cooling systems and many more. We are also involved in offering the spare parts of the equipments. Thus, we manufacture induction furnace coil.

We are also furnace automation manufacturer in Gujarat. Our range of induction equipments include induction furnace, water cooled lead, induction furnace coil, induction melting furnace, diode, and its spares. Due to services demands of the products, we are the foremost induction furnace supplier in India. We have successfully obtained a remarkable place in the market.

Induction Furnace for Steel and iron

Steel is one of the chief industrial materials for fabricating goods across the world. The induction furnace is used to process the steel for producing different products. Steel production processes are characterized by a high rate of steel fragment. When stainless steels are produced, specifically promising results are acquired in because of the inductive melting of steel. Generally, the capacity of induction furnace range is up to 100 tons as per the metals. Steel Shell furnace, cast frame furnace, and steel frame furnace are manufactured at our industry.

Induction furnaces are used to heat/melt metals like iron, copper, steel, and others. An induction furnace uses an electric current to melt the iron and other metals. We have great varieties and top quality induction furnace for steel and iron available. In addition, we are the topmost induction heating equipments manufacturer in Ahmedabad. This is an induction melting system where induction equipments are used to melt the metals.

SCR DIODE for Induction Furnace

SCR stands for Silicon Controlled Rectifier. SCR Diode for induction Furnace offers optimum functional support and comprising multiple diodes. To interconnect it requires the formation of three phase bridge circuit. Moreover, these diodes are available in electrically insulated from mounting base plate, in order to provide support for easy mounting. The applications are suitable for huge power transformer, AC & DC motor control, AC & DC switch. The features of SCR Diode are high DV/DT & DI/DT capability, they also have a superior ratings and process reliability, can also be offered as pert the specifications of customers. We are the supplier of inverter SCR for inductotherm, and also supplier of rectifier SCR for inductotherm.

Shunts Yoke manufacturer

We focus on edging shunts. They are also known as wall shunt/Magnetic Shunts as they are a form of magnetic shunts that are situated parallel to the yolk at the windings’ top and bottom ends. Generally, they are used in Large Power Transformers. Yoke shunts fluxes comes out from the three phases can add up to Zero resulting in an effective performance. An excellent process of guiding the leakage field safely is provided by Yoke Shunts. In the windings axial reducing eddy losses axial reducing eddy losses, the shunts tend to make the leakage field. To reduce stray losses in yoke shunts, shields are commonly used. Magnetic shunts yoke are reliable in controlling structural stray losses. We are recognized as shunts yoke manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Used Induction Furnace

Are you looking for a trusted provider for renewed or used induction furnaces? Look no further than Abhay Inductions. We have an ideal collection of advanced technologically produced Inductotherm melting furnaces from some of the top-rated manufacturers. They offer higher performance and tremendous durability. We assure to offer the perfect induction furnace to fulfill your requirements, regardless of the size.We have best of all, our renovated equipment which are strictly tested and includes a warranty! For more details regarding our used Inductotherm melting furnaces, please contact us today. We are glad to help and answer all of your queries.

Duraline induction Furnace Manufacturer

Dura-Line induction melting furnaces are suitable for a moderate induction application. The Duraline induction furnace has features of big furnace but is used for midsize induction. These furnaces are efficient and reliable induction melting furnaces that offer a high operational efficiency with diverse capacities in a relevant package.

Dura-Line inductions are made of heavy body stainless steel which gives robustness and are capable of heavy duty applications. For front exiting leads, across the front of the furnace made of a metallic splash plate provides full safety to the coil during melting and pouring and is easily eliminated to connect the water cooled leads. The precision pouring control is offered by Dura-Line induction furnaces with an optional double-trunnion.

For a smooth and controlled pouring action, Duraline induction furnaces are designed having features two separate pivot axes. They consist of water cooled capacitors. We also have inductotherm furnaces. We are the supplier of inductotherm alternative furnace in India.

Series Inverter Induction Manufacturer

Series Inverter Induction has strong mechanical strength thus, it offers good overloading capacity. As series inverters perform stepless speed regulation, it provides wide speed regulation range. They are energy-saving inductions. The insulation material is resistant high frequency impulse voltage. They are widely used in the metallurgy and mine industry for driving type crane and similar equipment. Especially, they are suitable for the instruments having a significant vibration or need short-term and intermittent operation, frequent start and brake, overload.

Induction Heating Equipments

We offer a wide range of induction heating equipments including multi melting induction furnace system. Our skilled team of professionals is valuably assisting to offer an exclusive range of high quality induction heating equipments used in various type of heating fields like heat-shaping, welding and such other areas. The induction equipments we offer is manufactured using the best quality raw material and modern technology with industry norms. Our products are highly admired for its optimum quality and precise design. Te Induction heating equipments are simple to use, have reliable performance, and consist robustness.

Manufacturer of Inverter Rectifier

Rectifiers and inverters fit in to the group of power converters. The function of power convertors is to transform electric energy from one form to another.

The inverter rectifiers are used to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Rectifiers are made up of semiconductor elements and diodes. They are used extensively in all branches of industry such as engineering, telecommunications and others. They are generally used for devices which require a high level of reliability and continuity of power supply to regulate electric machines for direct current. Inverter rectifiers are used for electrochemical and metallurgical industries, electrolytic processes, charging & discharging the battery and other industrial uses. We are the leading inverter rectifier supplier in India.

Why Choose Us?

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Induction melting/heating equipments, spares of induction components. We use the latest technology for manufacturing our products to offer compact and very energy efficient results. Our induction materials are very well designed to achieve extremely high reliability. Each product is tested prior to dispatch. We aim to manufacture the best quality of induction equipments in the industry as per the customer’s requirement. We also offer high grade spares and best services to minimize failure and maximize the construction at customer end. We are engaged in sourcing the best materials with international standard for improved performance and higher reliability of induction furnace. We are involved in designing and development of the foremost areas in the growth of the company. We are continuously up-grading and fetching new prospective clients the growth and development of the company.

SCR DIODE for Induction Furnace
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