Induction Coil in India

Induction Coil Manufacturer

In electrical experiments and for medical therapy and many different kinds of experiments, commonly Induction coils were used. Generally, experiment table was used in order to make easy access to assortment of devices. The Induction Coil, has to be prevented from corrosion, especially for long term experiments. Particularly, in the metal industry it is often important to heat objects, perhaps for pouring, soldering, melting or tempering the parts. To produce high frequency magnetic fields in induction coils, heat is generated using edgy currents.

The induction furnace coiled manufactured by us are manufactured precisely. We also supply the induction coil to the industries across the world.

Features of Induction Coil

  • Available in different sizes as per requirements
  • Low power dissipation
  • High current limitation
  • Anti-Corrosive