Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces Manufacturer

We offer Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces. To prevent the coil during furnace operation, they are constructed from heavy steel. To meet your requirements of air pollution, they can be retrofitted with various fume collectors, they are capable of using their backs lagging feature. Mainly, they are perfect for melting all types of metals, including silicon. They provide standard durability, and brilliant performance. They are efficiently productive and handy. Compared to other furnaces these furnaces require low maintenance.

Ideally, depending on your applications, we also have steel shell induction holding furnace and steel frame induction holding furnace. Steel Shell furnaces are easy to install. Steel Shell Furnaces provides better approach for the elimination of slag or dross increase on the furnace walls.

Features Of Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

  • Capable of handling 500Kg to 100,000Kg.
  • The construction of furnace is done with solid steel
  • Low loss water cooled shunts.
  • Flush or desk type furnace platform.
  • Maintenance friendly arrangement.
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Low maintenance